Sean A. Nicholson

Dedicated Domestic Violence Lawyer in Redwood City

Nicholson Law Offices is a law firm with vast expertise and experience in defense of all criminal charges. Criminal Defense is the primary focus of the representation provided by our firm. All of our attorneys are familiar and experienced with the criminal justice system, the judges, and the prosecutors throughout Redwood City and Northern California. I am in court every day throughout the Northern California jurisdictions and have developed an excellent working relationship with the courts. I strive to provide my clients with the benefits of my experience to offer exceptional representation to the clients of my firm.

The firm use a team approach on all cases so that multiple attorneys review and have input on all cases. It is important that a team approach be used when dealing with the defense of criminal offenses so that “no stone goes unturned” and you, as the client, receive the benefit of multiple and thorough reviews of your case by experienced attorneys. My experience has been that most prosecutors are overzealous and regularly over charge individuals with crimes that are not based on the facts of the case. Do not serve unnecessary jail time, prison time, or pay unnecessary fines because you are not adequately represented. An experienced law firm can and does make a substantial difference.